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We moved to our little farm 15 years ago. Tallahassee, Florida- the land of trees and education!  The perfect location to watch our sheepies grow and play~


So... we had a wonderful business with miniature horses and children's birthday parties.  We would go to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, private parties,community events and more. For reasons of time and health, we needed to make a shift from hay eating creatures to canines. Now our doggies have many fenced in acres to romp and play!

ohhhhh yes and the llamas

llunchwithallama and more

we had llamas

yes Tony twinkle toes had other polka dotted friends, we went to local events, senior centers, wine stomps and more!

You guessed it, they are happily romping in Cocoa beach and we now have their pasture as well for our sheepies.


The love of the Old English Sheepdog is special. Like many others the fabulous TV show" PLEASE DON'T EAT THE DAISIES" had a wonderful  sheepdog named "Lucky" in the TV series. (psst his real name is SAM). I remember as a little girl how I would look forward to seeing that furry, lovable sheepdog.

Finding a sheepdog  is a  relatively difficult task-finding a breeding sheepdog for sale  is incredibly challenging.

A given is proper conformation and good health- but there are other concerns...

A lot of the professional breeders require that you show your dog and finish them before they will allow you to use your dog as a breeder.

( I believe that the rationale for this is to reassure that the Old English Sheepdog is close to standard, with excellent conformation and skill sets to carry forward the breed in the future, as well as allow for time and knowledge to be exchanged as the attendance in the ring progresses).

Finding a breeder that will allow you to purchase breeding rights is a second challenge.

Finding a breeder that will allow you to own your own dog without co-owning them is the third challenge.

Finding a breeder that had the parents tested with great scores

tops the cake!

Now the Old English Sheepdog is on a soon to be extinct list- oh no!


We personally had two terrible experiences with breeders who presented  themselves like they were the best thing since sliced bread-they were not.

One breeder presented the health papers under duress. The papers were not even filled out properly by the veterinarian. We found that they were not following the rules of the road.

Second disaster involved people who took our money didn’t put the puppy on the  agreed-upon transportation, wreaked emotional havoc and  failed to return the money paid and so it goes.


I have been a  Pet Sitter for 20 years. I have over 800 plus   happy clients. I built up my positive reputation,take pride in my work-

YES- I was a Girl Scout! 

I look at our relationship as more than a business transaction. I take a  happy, holistic approach to everything that I do.

I remain friends with the  breeders of my dogs.  We share knowledge.

We welcome you into our fabric.

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We tapped into the dream, included other breeders, friends, animal lovers, vets and more.

We examined the flow of the action, from the grooming aspects, the location, the bathtub, the drying areas. We made lists ( our lists had lists) of needs for the grooming facility- * hot water Heater

*electricity * a/c and heat * proper flooring

* insulation * futon and more.

We learned about leveling, french drains, hiring plantations workers to secure the fencing and posts, building hurricane tie-downs, installing an outside toilet and more!

They love us at Home Depot and Tractor Supply!

Home Depot here we come! Thank goodness

for talented friends- shout out to Curtis and John,Eli and family and many more! Fabulous outcome and amazing effort!

Yes! A dream come true! An outside toilet! He green HULK- great when bathing doggies or when visitors come over ! If you wish ....

“He taught us a lot about friendship and all the things you can accomplish as a team.”

Name of Person


Favorite place? Hard to the front porch play zone, love the two adjacent run zones- one for pups with beachmat floor and the other for the older furries, love the old horse acre run, hmmmm, can't make up my mind

I will say that once the grooming area was complete it was a masterpeice!

We have a large purple electric tub that flies the dogs in the air without a sound! So many choices for shower heads, with hand water shut offs at the finger tips to take time out and wash those little whiskers. The hot water heater was a must, so they can bathe in comfort.  The facility is insulated with a/c and heat- full electric, hydraulic grooming table and more.

Once they are bathed, we have a super duper flying pig grooming dryer- wow! Lucky dogs!


Striving to be the number 1 dog breeder in the country

We making owning a dog easier for everyone!

old english sheepdogs

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walk the tail

old english sheepdogs

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old english sheepdogs

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