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Watch them goooooo!

The pups love to play with this giant horse ball! 


sensational sheepies tug a war


The secret to a healthy, happy pack is playtime and freedom of expression. They learn to share and take turns just as we do through play.

sensational sheepies leap frog

Bubbles is the player! She loves to play giant ball soccer!

sensational sheepies 33

sooooo you might ask- is that a Bernese Mountain dog? Yes- he is! His name is Beep- we figured if there is a demand, we would breed the Bernese to a Sheepdog and yes, get a new breed of yummy pup- a BEEP BEEP. He is the real thing, purebred and loved to pieces. ( We think he thinks he is a sheepdog with a gazilion toes)